*Qualified Global Directors generate a minimum $100,000 in volume/sales per week.

With 13 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry, Jarrod and Porshea Wilkins have generated 10’s of millions of dollars in sales, building diverse teams all around the world. Both come from traditional corporate backgrounds. Jarrod was a multi-million dollar producing Sales Manager for a Tele-Communications company and Porshea, after earning her B.B.A. in Marketing was a Brand Manager overseeing a $1.4 Billion book of business in the Retail industry.

After going through a season of disappointments and tremendous heart-break Jarrod wanted to leave network marketing, but Porshea saw differently. After looking at opening a Tax and Insurance business, she told him their work wasn’t done yet in MLM and that TLC was their next home. They researched 18 other companies, flew to meet with many owners, but nothing was a fit, so Jarrod finally agreed to call Mr. & Mrs. Erwin & Twiler Portis to begin the process of giving TLC a fair look.

They spoke with Mr. Fallon and Mr. Licari and Jarrod immediately knew he’d found the perfect vehicle to carry his vision to build it for his last name. Jarrod & Porshea launched their TLC business on January 28, 2016 and what took them 3 years to produce previously, they accomplished in 48 days, setting a company record and cementing in their belief. Since then they’ve been laser focused on producing quality results, adding value and building a business with professionalism, substance and style. Their motto is: An inheritance is what you leave for someone, but a legacy is what you leave in them.


Matthew & Ilean Harris are world renowned business leaders who have trained 10s of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and generated millions of dollars in sales.

As a South African having moved to America with his family in 2000, Matthew had always wanted to return to his roots to equip and empower his fellow South Africans for financial success in the 21st century. When Total Life Changes and the opportunity to bring the company to South Africa came along Matthew jumped at the chance.

Within 90 days of his enrollment in TLC, South Africa became the 3rd fastest growing international market in the entire company and just 60 days later South Africa is now the #1 fastest growing international market in Total Life Changes.

Matthew & Ilean became one of the fastest leaders in the history of the company to achieve the rank of National Director in just 77 days, leading a team of over 5,000 independent distributors around the world.

*Qualified National Directors generate a minimum $40,000 in volume/sales per week.


My name is Busiswe Mashele aged 27 years, I was born and buttered in Kempton Park and Tembisa, South Africa.

I matriculated 2008 at Rhodesfield High School and there after ventured into business, I run a very successful Day care centre in the townships of Tembisa and my day care caters for over 80 children.

I have a great passion for children.

I adore my family and they are the reason why am not giving up in life. My family is my ‘’WHY’’ in all I pursue to overcome poverty.

I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to change my life and others. I am one person that wants to see the whole squad win.

Why I joined Total Life Changes project Build It For Your Last Name is to break the stereotype that an African child will die poor and leave nothing behind. All African children should be given a chance to build a legacy no matter which background they are from.

It’s Time For Africa!


Khanya Z. Cakata is a architect and urban researcher. He was born in the Eastern Cape. He recently completed a Masters in Architecture and Sustainability at the University of Johannesburg. He has worked in private architecture practice and most recently as a senior government official in the regulation of the built environment profession in local government.

Khanya launched with TLC on 4 Nov 2016. His goal is to eliminate the generational curse of debt and create a platform for wealth that every member in his family can access. In four months he has been able to share this vision with his family, mom , dad and older brother (who are now Directors in TLC).

The TLC opportunity has made Khanya realized the potential of partnering and working together with friends and family and creating real collective wealth over a sustained period of time. Khanya plans to continue sharing the vision of families uniting behind a common vision to end indebtedness and creating generational wealth through network marketing.


Onthatile is an architect by profession and is currently an expansion leader with Project Build it For Your Last Name in the company Total Life Changes which distributes various health and wellness products. Her current rank is National Director.

This is a recent career path which has led her to her true calling of assisting women accomplish their dreams and furthermore changing the trajectory of her financial situation. She currently earns more in a week in the business than she did per month as an architect. She is on a path of clearing all debt in her family and setting her family on the right economic foot.

She is responsible for the movement BIFYLN boss babes, which focuses on promoting, sponsoring and mentoring as many young women as possible. She is passionate about equality, female rights, leadership and creating sustainable environments where in which people, more especially women can flourish.

*Qualified Regional Directors generate a minimum $20,000 in volume/sales per week.

*Qualified Executive Directors generate a minimum $10,000 in volume/sales per week.

*Qualified Directors generate a minimum $2,000 in volume/sales per week.